5 experts reveal what the future of events will be

The COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting restrictions have had a significant impact on events across the globe. After a year of uncertainty, 2021 brings a new era for events influenced by a strong shift to virtual and hybrid events. 

After a very successful Volume 1 of the Deep Dive Series: The Future of Digital Events, we have gathered the voices of the experts and summarized their most important predictions and trends for the event industry in the following years:

Climate Change, Business and Event Traveling

We will reduce business trips tremendously. Easy business trips. Wasting whole days for one discussion or for one or two chapters in a contract. This will definitely disappear and this is a trend, which is also going on for a long time. Because we have to take into consideration the cost awareness and the newly environmental awareness of course.” 

Prof. Dr. Sven Prüser, Professor for Business Administration at the HTW Berlin.

Reach and Flexibility

Current travel restrictions play no role at a digital trade fair. This gives us the opportunity to attract new exhibitors and visitors to our fairs in addition to our already existing customers.

Manuela Keller, Senior Project Manager Landesmesse Stuttgart

Lead Generation and CRM

Many of the digital events are here to stay for a good reason, because the return on investment is there. All the content that you are producing can be reused in multi channels. [...]. Now we do have the opportunity to really collect all this data and use it to drive marketing automation really integrated with our CRM tools and really see what is happening. And then we can test and for the first time in history, we can really prove what is working and what is not working.

Colja M. Dmas, CEO, VOK DAMS worldwide

Hybrid and Digital Events

I think the future of events is going to be physical and digital. [...]. You will still go to a real live event but it is gonna be less and you are gonna be more picky and selective about where you go and there are gonna be lots of digital events and calls and just meetings. [...] I think both are going to exist and coexist and I think it is going to co-exist nicely.”

Philipp Westermeyer, Founder & CEO, Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR)

Digital Events as Value Aggregators

“As long as events and exhibitions can’t be held, I actually see it as a good opportunity for us to extend our business. Also for the future and to offer more value to our customers with a digital supplement.”

Sebastian Schmid, Department Director, Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH

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